Wondering what we do with your name, address, and email address?  

We use it to verify your billing address for your credit card transaction, and we use your shipping address to ship you your order.  Your email is used to send you a tracking notice for your order once it ships and is sometimes used to contact you prior to shipping in case there is a question or an issue with your order.  

We DO NOT sell any of our customer data, wo DO NOT share any of our customer data, heck we don't even let anyone take a peak at it. 


From time to time we will send out emails to our customers to advise them of an upcoming event we are hosting, or to tell everyone that we have just signed up with another great product, but for the most part we'll leave you alone!   You don't have to worry about your name, address, bike type, purchase history, etc. being sold to targeted advertising like the 'super stores' do.   We hate it when it happens to us, and we aren't going to let it happen to you. 

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